Sneak Peek :: Tim


Meet Tim.  Funny and independent, Tim has a style that is all his own.  From his swooping pompadour hairstyle to his slightly sardonic take on modern hipster style, Tim’s look is the perfect compliment to his bold, artistic personality.

Tim plays the trombone, sings in the school choir and likes to dabble in video editing.  I’ve personally seen some of his video work, and let me tell you this guy is talented!  Maybe its all of his creative interests that make Tim so at ease in front of the camera.  Just name an expression – happy, smug, contemplative, slightly humored – and he can pull it off.  However, like so many teenagers, I think Tim’s favorite expression for the camera is ‘Gee, I’m thrilled’… and I have hundreds of photos from his session to prove it.

*ahem* 😉

©StudioB-Tim Collage

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