Project 365 (version 2.018)


Happy New Year!!

To kick off 2018 I’m taking on a personal Project 365 photography challenge, wherein I’ll be taking one photo, every day, all year long and posting it online. It’s been 5 years since my last Project 365 and I’m looking forward the challenge once again. This project is all about creativity & letting go of boundaries, so anything goes – I’ll be photographing people, places, objects, nature & even my everyday life.  Needless to say, some days will be diamonds and others will be dust, but I will faithfully post it all online!

Care to follow along? Simply click on the image above and you’ll be taken to my personal Project 365 blog page.  From there, click the ‘Follow’ button on the right or bottom of the screen.  NOTE:  My personal Project 365 blog is separate from this Studio B Photography blog, so you’ll need to follow that other blog page separately if you want see what I’m up to all year!

Let the journey begin!

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