Sneak Peek :: Tim


Meet Tim.  Funny and independent, Tim has a style that is all his own.  From his swooping pompadour hairstyle to his slightly sardonic take on modern hipster style, Tim’s look is the perfect compliment to his bold, artistic personality. Continue reading

Sneak Peek :: Jared


Meet Jared.  Tall and athletic, Jared has a long-and-lean look that cameras love.  Add to that his fair skin, blue eyes and thick mane of wavy, reddish-brown hair and you have the perfect formula for some classic Irish good looks.  Maybe that’s why I felt compelled to set my Ed Sheeran playlist to repeat while I was editing his photos.  Somehow it just seemed appropriate… Continue reading

Finding Balance


As a corporate wellness director with the American Heart Association, and yoga instructor with special training in trauma-sensitive & restorative yoga, Lindsey works to find innovative solutions to help individuals, communities, and organizations cultivate systems that lead to better health and well-being.  As she so eloquently states, “I want people to feel at home and alive in their bodies, lives, and workplaces.”

When Lindsey asked me to be the photographer for her online and professional portraits, I knew she needed a fresh approach that would reflect the same sense of balance she seeks to foster in her clients. Continue reading

Welcome to the Studio B Team, Marilin!

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Personal Styling

Imagine this: It’s a few weeks before your scheduled photo session and you haven’t a clue what to wear.  Trust me, you are not alone.  We’ve all been there.

If this is a family session, you may feel overwhelmed having to coordinate outfits for a wide range of ages and personalities.  While you want your family to look cohesive, you are hoping to avoid the standard matching ‘uniform’ of white tops and jeans for the whole crew.  So what should you do?

Or perhaps you are a high school senior preparing for your once-in-a-lifetime senior portrait.  You stand in front of your closet staring at a wardrobe that reflects the child you used to be, and not the person you have become.  How can you put together an outfit that reflects your individual style (and makes your parents happy)? Continue reading