Finding Balance


As a corporate wellness director with the American Heart Association, and yoga instructor with special training in trauma-sensitive & restorative yoga, Lindsey works to find innovative solutions to help individuals, communities, and organizations cultivate systems that lead to better health and well-being.  As she so eloquently states, “I want people to feel at home and alive in their bodies, lives, and workplaces.”

When Lindsey asked me to be the photographer for her online and professional portraits, I knew she needed a fresh approach that would reflect the same sense of balance she seeks to foster in her clients.  As such, I designed a photo session that would allow both her professionalism and commitment to health & wellness shine through.  Run-of-the-mill headshots just wouldn’t do!

Lindsey and I met on a breezy afternoon this week in a quiet park, adjacent to a small professional plaza .  The light stone steps and walls of the plaza, provided a clean, neutral backdrop that was perfect for her professional headshots.  Whereas, the lush, natural environment of the nearby park was the ideal place to showcase her softer, yogi side.  These unique environments, combined with Lindsey’s open and friendly personality were the perfect recipe for me to work some photography magic.

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