What to Wear: Family Holiday Session


‘Tis the season for family holiday sessions!

One question I’m often asked is how to dress for a family portrait.  I always have the same response: Remember you are not a team, you’re a family.  This is my simple way of saying please, please, please do not arrive all wearing the same thing!  Nothing screams ‘awkward family photo’ more than everyone wearing the exact same shirt and matching pants.  You know what I’m talking about:  black long sleeve shirt/blue jeans, white button down shirt/khaki pants, or any variety of matching stripe/check/Hawaiian print, etc.  Admit it, we all see those combinations showing up on the holiday cards we receive each year… am I right? Continue reading

Black, White & Boring…

Prior to each photo session I sit down with my clients to discuss what they should wear for their portrait session.  We discuss everything from casual to formal outfits, and classic to trendy ensembles.  While the specifics for each photo shoot are different, one thing remains the same:  I always recommend they choose a color palette that compliments their skin tones.

Let me repeat, I recommend they choose a COLOR palette.

As in:  COLOR.

So what ‘colors’ do most people show up in?


So, just to be clear, WHITE is not a color.  It is the absence of color.

CREAM?  Well, that’s really just a dirty shade of white.

BLACK technically isn’t a color either.  It’s what happens when all the other colors get jumbled up together.

And GREY?  Don’t even get me started…

DENIM & NAVY – okay those are colors.  But aren’t we getting a little wild here? Continue reading

Welcome to the Studio B Team, Marilin!

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Personal Styling

Imagine this: It’s a few weeks before your scheduled photo session and you haven’t a clue what to wear.  Trust me, you are not alone.  We’ve all been there.

If this is a family session, you may feel overwhelmed having to coordinate outfits for a wide range of ages and personalities.  While you want your family to look cohesive, you are hoping to avoid the standard matching ‘uniform’ of white tops and jeans for the whole crew.  So what should you do?

Or perhaps you are a high school senior preparing for your once-in-a-lifetime senior portrait.  You stand in front of your closet staring at a wardrobe that reflects the child you used to be, and not the person you have become.  How can you put together an outfit that reflects your individual style (and makes your parents happy)? Continue reading