Project 365 (version 2.018)


Happy New Year!!

To kick off 2018 I’m taking on a personal Project 365 photography challenge, wherein I’ll be taking one photo, every day, all year long and posting it online. It’s been 5 years since my last Project 365 and I’m looking forward the challenge once again. This project is all about creativity & letting go of boundaries, so anything goes – I’ll be photographing people, places, objects, nature & even my everyday life.  Needless to say, some days will be diamonds and others will be dust, but I will faithfully post it all online!

Care to follow along? Simply click on the image above and you’ll be taken to my personal Project 365 blog page.  From there, click the ‘Follow’ button on the right or bottom of the screen.  NOTE:  My personal Project 365 blog is separate from this Studio B Photography blog, so you’ll need to follow that other blog page separately if you want see what I’m up to all year!

Let the journey begin!

Sneak Peek :: Ellsworth Family


Meet the Ellsworth family:

  • 2 energetic young boys (ages 8 & 11)
  • 3 adorable little dogs (ages 1, 4 & 16!!)
  • 1 mom, whom I’ve known since the day she was born!
  • and, 1 low key & extremely tolerant dad 😉

I met up with this spirited family at Three Ponds Park in Cherry Hills Village last Saturday.  The weather was beautiful with mild fall temps and bright blue skies – perfect for picture-taking.  In fact, the weather was so perfect that we found ourselves surrounded by a slew of other families taking their own family portraits.  It was a virtual photographic festival at the park! Continue reading

RiNo Crush 2016


Every now and then I need to sneak out and do some photography just for me.  Don’t get me wrong – I truly love being a portrait photographer.  Photographing another human being is the most rewarding, intimate, artistic interaction I know of (and my clients are the best!)  But sometimes, I just need to get out there and photograph whatever.  Not for my clients, not for my family, not for a photography project, or for any other reason than to simply to get out there and play.   Continue reading

Sneak Peek :: Kate


Meet Kate.  Kate is the VP of Operations and External Affairs for the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO).  CORHIO is revolutionizing the way medical professionals use digital health records.  Their advanced health information exchange technology provides instant access to information that saves lives, streamlines care coordination, reduces costs, and improves clinical outcomes for millions of people. Continue reading

Sneak Peek :: Thomas


Meet Thomas.  Athletic and friendly, Thomas enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing basketball for his high school.  When his mom first contacted me about doing Thomas’ senior portraits she was upfront about his lack of enthusiasm around the whole idea of senior portraits.  In fact, Thomas himself admitted he would’ve been just fine with “an iPhone pic taken in the back yard”… you gotta love honesty! Continue reading

Sneak Peek :: Peter


Meet Peter.  Peter likes to play the guitar and spend time on the shooting range with his dad, brother and two beautiful black labs.  Despite his quick tongue and love for discussing politics, everything about Peter is easygoing – his personality, his style, his attitude.  As such it was no surprise to discover he is equally as laid-back in front of the camera, which made capturing his devil-may-care temperament a breeze. Continue reading

Sneak Peek :: Maddie


Meet Maddie.  Easy-going & personable, Maddie wins the award this year for the quickest turn around between the date she first contacted me and the date we did her senior session:  one week!  That is a rarity this time of year, but she was anxious to squeeze her session in before school started and I just happened to have a time slot open that fit into her schedule.  It’s awesome when things work out that way!

Because Maddie wanted a natural setting and she was scheduled for late afternoon, I anticipated a full-sun scenario where we’d be working primarily in the shade or capturing backlit images.  However Mother Nature had her own thoughts, Continue reading