Chalk One Up For Art


We spent a marvelous morning on the streets of Denver for the annual Chalk Art Festival.  This event features more than 200 professional and amateur artists who spend hours on their hands and knees over the course of two days, transforming Larimer Square into a bright and colorful street museum, adorned in vivid pastel chalks.

A feast for the eyes!

DSC_3960-Edit.MEDDSC_3971-Edit.MEDDSC_4030-Edit.MEDDSC_4044-Edit.MEDDSC_4038-Edit.MEDDSC_4075-EditDSC_4032-Edit.MEDDSC_4029-Edit.MEDDSC_4063-Edit.MEDDSC_4019-Edit.MEDDSC_4003-Edit.MEDDSC_4008-Edit.MEDDSC_3994-Edit.MEDDSC_3990-Edit.MEDDSC_4031-Edit.MEDDSC_4051-Edit.MEDDSC_4059-Edit.MEDDSC_3981-Edit.MEDDSC_4068-Edit.MED.jpgDSC_3989-Edit.MEDDSC_4021-Edit.MEDDSC_4002-Edit.MEDDSC_4022.MEDDSC_4066 copyDSC_4035-Edit.MED



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