Sneak Peek :: Ellsworth Family


Meet the Ellsworth family:

  • 2 energetic young boys (ages 8 & 11)
  • 3 adorable little dogs (ages 1, 4 & 16!!)
  • 1 mom, whom I’ve known since the day she was born!
  • and, 1 low key & extremely tolerant dad 😉

I met up with this spirited family at Three Ponds Park in Cherry Hills Village last Saturday.  The weather was beautiful with mild fall temps and bright blue skies – perfect for picture-taking.  In fact, the weather was so perfect that we found ourselves surrounded by a slew of other families taking their own family portraits.  It was a virtual photographic festival at the park!

Despite the unexpected ‘crowds’, we were able to carve out some private space just for us, and capture some truly wonderful images for this fun loving family.  Check out some of our session highlights below!




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