Sneak Peek :: Kate


Meet Kate.  Kate is the VP of Operations and External Affairs for the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO).  CORHIO is revolutionizing the way medical professionals use digital health records.  Their advanced health information exchange technology provides instant access to information that saves lives, streamlines care coordination, reduces costs, and improves clinical outcomes for millions of people.

Like many busy professionals, Kate hadn’t updated her headshot in years and she was looking for a fresh approach that would stand out from the crowd.  Kate finds herself in a wide range of situations in her professional life – from meeting with community leaders at a local coffee shop, to speaking about public affairs at the national level.  As such, she needed her headshots to be representative of her various ‘blue jeans to business suits’ roles.  Traditional studio portraits taken in front of a fake background using artificial light just wouldn’t do.

I love helping people like Kate freshen up their profiles with portraits that grab attention and show off personality.  If you are in need of a profile update for your website, social media, business cards or other marketing materials, you can learn more about my services on the Commercial & Headshot Investment page of my website.




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