Sneak Peek :: Thomas


Meet Thomas.  Athletic and friendly, Thomas enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing basketball for his high school.  When his mom first contacted me about doing Thomas’ senior portraits she was upfront about his lack of enthusiasm around the whole idea of senior portraits.  In fact, Thomas himself admitted he would’ve been just fine with “an iPhone pic taken in the back yard”… you gotta love honesty!

So, the challenge was on.  I met with Thomas in the Cherry Creek shopping district near his home.  While this area is known for its fashionable stores and expensive restaurants, we stuck to the alleyways in order to add a little grit to his senior portraits.  Perhaps it was the disarming experience of being kicked out of our first location by an uptight security guard (…or perhaps it was due to my engaging personality and gift for gab?), but Thomas immediately fell into the groove of having his portrait taken and was as relaxed and natural as could be.  I dare say, I think he actually enjoyed it!  At the end of the session I asked Thomas what he thought about the whole experience, and he admitted that it was fun and “not at all what he expected.”  Ah – the highest of compliments!  😉

Mischief managed.



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