Sneak Peek :: Maddie


Meet Maddie.  Easy-going & personable, Maddie wins the award this year for the quickest turn around between the date she first contacted me and the date we did her senior session:  one week!  That is a rarity this time of year, but she was anxious to squeeze her session in before school started and I just happened to have a time slot open that fit into her schedule.  It’s awesome when things work out that way!

Because Maddie wanted a natural setting and she was scheduled for late afternoon, I anticipated a full-sun scenario where we’d be working primarily in the shade or capturing backlit images.  However Mother Nature had her own thoughts, and on this particular day the afternoon clouds rolled in just in time to block out the sun and cool the temps a bit.  This was just fine by me.  As any photographer knows, an overcast sky creates a beautiful ‘soft box in the sky’.

The unpredictable nature of weather is one of the nuances of on location, natural light portraiture – you simply need to be prepared for anything.  Sunny and hot, cool and cloudy, or somewhere in between, it is this little bit of the unknown that sparks my creativity and keeps my photography skills sharp.  To put a spin on a famous Forrest Gump quote:

“Natural light is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re going to get.”

… as long Mother Nature doesn’t hand me the equivalent of a coconut truffle (ewww!)  I’m just fine with that.

©StudioBPhotography-Maddie Collage

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