Sneak Peek :: Sophia

©StudioBPhotography - Sophia1

Meet Sophia.  Like a burst of sunshine this young beauty lights up a room with her sweet personality and beautiful smile.  Equal parts rough-and-tumble athlete & fashionable girly-girl, Sophia wanted to play up her feminine side for her senior portraits.  As such, we chose the tall grassy fields of Colorado’s open spaces to lend a light, airy look to her senior portraits.  While most photographers choose to photograph in the golden hour just before sunset, I prefer the brighter light of a few hours earlier for the higher contrast and pop of colors they provide.  Unconventional?  Most certainly.  But who says you shouldn’t break the rules every now and then.  Especially when the results are as spectacular as this.

Such a beauty!

©StudioBPhotography - Sophia 2

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