Sneak Peek :: Olivia

So what do you do when you find out just days before your senior portrait session that the location you had so carefully chosen is CLOSED?!  I don’t mean closed as in ‘never going to open again’, but closed as in ‘so very inconveniently (i.e. annoyingly) closed on the day you just happen to have chosen for your session’.

Bummer.  BIG bummer.  Especially when you are looking for a location that combines natural open fields, rustic barns, tennis courts, and a place to play the ukulele.  That’s right, the ukulele.
©Studio B Photography - Olivia

So this is Olivia.  Silly, charismatic, thoughtful & friendly, she is a true Colorado girl – athletic, outdoorsy, a bit of a tomboy, and all natural.  Olivia wanted a location that would showcase all facets of her personality.  While that is a tall order to ask of any one location, we were fortunate enough to find not one, but TWO locations in the Denver Metro area that would suit her needs… and luckily for us, they weren’t BOTH closed on the day of her session ;-).

Enter the Lakewood Hertiage Center & nearby Addenbrooke Park.  I cannot say enough about how perfect these locations ended up being for Olivia’s session:  beautiful open fields, a charming farm area & even tennis courts in a lovely shade of blue.  It was as if we’d planned for this location all along.  Needless to say, the results are fabulous!

Sometimes when life throws you a curve ball, the home run is all the more sweeter!

© Studio B Photography - Olivia Square

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