Black, White & Boring…

Prior to each photo session I sit down with my clients to discuss what they should wear for their portrait session.  We discuss everything from casual to formal outfits, and classic to trendy ensembles.  While the specifics for each photo shoot are different, one thing remains the same:  I always recommend they choose a color palette that compliments their skin tones.

Let me repeat, I recommend they choose a COLOR palette.

As in:  COLOR.

So what ‘colors’ do most people show up in?


So, just to be clear, WHITE is not a color.  It is the absence of color.

CREAM?  Well, that’s really just a dirty shade of white.

BLACK technically isn’t a color either.  It’s what happens when all the other colors get jumbled up together.

And GREY?  Don’t even get me started…

DENIM & NAVY – okay those are colors.  But aren’t we getting a little wild here?

I get it.  Really I do.  These colors pretty much looks good on everyone.  I’ll even admit that 1/2 of my own wardrobe consists of these colors… alright, maybe more than 1/2.  But that doesn’t mean those are the best choices to wear when you’re having your portrait taken.  Hmmmm, wait a sec… don’t go checking any of my own social media profile pics, ‘cuz I’m pretty sure I’m wearing a combination of these colors in some (okay most) of those pics.  Aaaack!  Practice what you preach, sister!  

Why do we do this to ourselves?  There is an endless array of colors out there, and yet when it comes to our clothes we default to the ‘play it safe’ color palette above.  I think we can all admit that no one typically receives compliments like “Wow, that black sweater really brings out your eyes!” or “That shade of white is fabulous on you!”  That simply isn’t how it goes.  The truth is, color is what brightens up our complexion.  Color is what draws attention to our best features (and we all have ‘best’ features!)  And color is what makes a portrait POP!

So what do you say, isn’t it time to freshen up our wardrobes?  Check out Pantone’s Top 10 Colors for spring 2016 for a little inspiration.  These fresh new shades don’t look too scary, and some of them are outright gorgeous.  I think there’s something there for everyone, and I’d love to see some of these showing up in my future portrait sessions.

My favorite trending colors are Limpet Shell & Peach Echo.  What are yours?



3 thoughts on “Black, White & Boring…

  1. You’re not gonna like it…jeans in black, white or blue, and tops in black, white or gray. When out photographing I wear my favorite color green. Green pants, and a brown or green sweater or hoodie.
    Sometimes I wear brown pants and coral t’s and jacket. This you’d probably like more than my boring black and white ensemble. 🙂 It’s classic though!

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